What is a session?

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What is a session?

A session is a special meeting where both the therapist and the person receiving treatment, exchanged a lot of information in different ways. Basic information such as accidents, illness, pain, structural problems … are surely help to define together what treatment will perform and establish a closer relationship between giver and recipient.

We can work on different planes both physical, and emotional or spiritual. All this depends  how we feel, how we perceive and if you’re receptive or not.

In each of our sessions, we use techniques learned in the years of study and developed in work experience. As each person is unique, our treatments do not follow a predetermined protocol, but a unique and exclusive treatment that suits the needs of each person, getting carried at all times by what we perceive through our hands and feeling.

The sessions are conducted at our center Heal In Elements Benirras or in your home, yacht, farm or anywhere where possible create a harmonious atmosphere that emanates tranquility, peace, relaxation … that’s favoring the receptivity of the person.

After the session would be a good option to share a hot tea and let who received treatment can, if you like, share your experience or just share the silence.

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The ancient scriptures of India, tell us that from a vibration at infinity sound AUM occurred. This universal sound (add symbol) generated a break at infinity creating SPACE. The space gave rise to this movement and AIR emerged. Friction heat think being born FIRE. To contain the fire came WATER. This water gave life and hence the space EARTH … Welcome to Heal In Elements