huerto ecologico hevilla

From farm to fork” agriculture is a philosophy about eco-sustainable consumption. The phenomenon of farmers market is catching on in different parts of the world. The Mediterranean basin is one of the top areas where this phenomenon is taking place because of its ideal climate and ample spaces still given to the agricultural sector which is not fully industrialized. It is a counter trend to globalization that presupposes that agricultural products cultivated in a certain area do not travel more than 70/80 kilometers before reaching the final consumer.

This way of doing agriculture brings with it a series of undisputed advantages:

  • Having extremely fresh products that do not get particular labeling, packaging or other long and complicated distribution procedures;
  • CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum;
  • employment of natural agricultural methods that do not involve pesticides, synthetic or chemical hormones.

Lastly, we can also add that there is an important cultural aspect: the consumer moves closer to the agricultural reality of the place, coming into direct contact with the local fauna and flora. Benirràs Ibiza’s territory is starting to be “from farm to fork” places: not only for its superb beaches but also for the local products cultivated and distributed in the Balearic Island territory.

Its peculiar and unique geographic conformation, with a closed bay protected from blustery winds situated among hoods and hills, makes its products of the land rich in minerals and strongly demanded. In conclusion, among the “Certificada d’Eivissa” products, we cannot avoid citing the famous Hierbas Ibicencas, anise based liquors that comprehend flavors from all of the local aromatic plants like rosemary, thyme, mint, juniper, salvia, lavender, lemon verbena and chamomile. This philosophy of a new agriculture is often related to a wider way of life that opposes the “standardization of flavors”, upholds the need for an informed consumer, and protects cultural identities and food traditions.

A commitment to safeguard local food, defend wild species biodiversity and convivial places often high in artistic and historical value is undertaken. All these efforts bring us to a more careful tourism and cohabitation that respects the surrounding environment for a better future of the most valuable asset we have: Earth.