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Presiding over one of Ibiza’s most iconic beaches, Elements Ibiza sits in pride of place on the south side of Benirras. The expansive, stylish concept space takes over an entire corner, incorporating an Ibiza beach restaurant, juice bar, lounge bar, cocktail bar, treatment and massage room, boutique and more.

Created with love by long-term Italian-born, Ibiza resident Kiko Malcarne, the open plan space is a unique fusion of all-white surfaces, modern furnishings and décor created from recycled materials to create a natural, organic feeling. Deeper in the harmony of natural beach environment, Elements offers a modern, ecological approach to the world of restaurants and entertainment.


Our food and atmosphere

A magical atmosphere of full energy with the necessary elements to enjoy from morning to night. Taking breakfast and reading in front of the sea, checking your emails, enjoying our selection of fresh juices, delighting later with our Mediterranean menu prepared with a selection of local fresh organic products, taking care of every details. Relax with an Ayurveda massage or get inspired by our “Boutique”.

Enjoy the sunset full of energy, in Benirras “you can see silence, feel the drums and loose the view.” Delight your lips with a touch of sublime taste in our Cocktail Bar, with music from our DJ, open until 2:00 AM. This is ELEMENTS, an authentic place, a living space.

Cala Benirras

In the North of the Island of Ibiza sits a small bay, surrounded by pine carpeted hills: Cala Benirras. 20 minutes away from Eivissa and 10 min. from Sant Miquel de Balansat, situated between Cova de S’Orenga and Blanca Points, the Cala or Port de Benirras is one of the island’s most famous beaches.

The Cala (cove) is situated 9 km away from the town of Sant Joan. This municipality is not known for long beaches but rather for its rocky shores. Ever so often, land gives space to the sea and, thus, Cala Benirras. The way down is beautiful, zigzagging through hills and valleys, down into a charming spot with a profound, u-shaped lagoon bathing a middle sized mixed-sand shore. The beach stretches across approximately 140 meters of coastline with a width of approximately 40 meters and is composed of a curious mix of toasted sand and small pebbles. As stated by a journalist,  “this beach from the north of the island was originally covered cobbled stones and gravel which today constitute the sand that covers both the beach and the seabed, abundant in rocks and boulders to shelter the mediterranean marine fauna”.

The delicate slope is perfect for kids, although occasional rocks can obstacle their entrance to the water. On the left, clearly visible, are the local wooden boathouses frequently found in Ibicencan calas. On the right, the image repeats itself over a steeper stretch of coastline. An enchanting wooden veranda accompanies the sunset. An unbeatable setting. All of the rocks bordering the shoreline are a great place for “studying” the seabottom and snorkling. Nudism is practiced off the main beach, down smaller trails into the coastline. Referred to as the Port of Benirras by the local veteran fishermen because its closed bay structure keeps it well protected from strong winds, the beach lies in a wild setting of touching beauty, in a rich forest woven with trails ideal for long strolls and walks, delighting lovers of this practice. The perfectly transparent and calm water, embraced by pinetrees (unfortunately greatly reduced by the fire of 2010), is of a very particular turquoise tone.

The summer winds tend to be mild and from the east. Thanks to the mountains surrounding the beach they are barely noticeable and it is therefore a chosen spot for boat anchoring. This protected bay is a popular point for sailboats and yachts. The access alleys to the sides of the bay are quite deep and if we observe the coastline, there exists a line that unites both extremes. Although the extreme that is oriented towards the South is double in size to that facing North, we can appreciate a small protruberance. It is the Isle Cap Bernat, also known as “Finger of God”, a peculiar formation that through constant errosion has taken the form we see today and, of course, was the origin of the whole bay. Cap Bernat’s presence is a guaranteed attraction, making this a truly special spot with a unique view of the horizon and one of the Ibiza’s most breathtaking sunsets.

On Sundays the natural wonder is especially accompanied by drumbeats. The drum jams are one of the highlight experiences possible in Ibiza, ongoing for many years, it brings together tribal rhythms from all over the beach, island and world. During high season, the police will regulate traffic and circulation in and out, due to the massive assistance of people to witness the impressive show. Standing on the sand of Benirras Beach, on the Southern stretch of the beach, to the left of the beach parking, is Elements Ibiza,  a Beach Bar and Restaurant of elegant design and concept. It covers an ample open space where white is the main colour, hence amplifying the reflection of our emblematic Ibiza white light. Furnished and decorated with modern pieces and recycled objects, a natural and organic feeling is created. Elements tends to the little details that enhance feeling the harmony with the island’s essence.

The concept behind Elements supports absolute respect for the environment and nature that it blends into. The free spirit of the restaurant makes it a very special spot to share with family, friends, with a loveheart, your children or alone. Elements offers a modern and ecologic approach to food hospitality and entertainment. Elements phylosophy is “from farm to fork” agriculture about eco-sustainable consumption. It is a counter trend to globalization that presupposes that agricultural products cultivated in a certain area do not travel more than 70/80 kilometers before reaching the final consumer and brings with it a series of undisputed advantages as having extremely fresh products that do not get particular labeling, packaging or other long and complicated distribution procedures and CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum as well employment of natural agricultural methods that do not involve pesticides, synthetic or chemical hormones. Lastly, we can also add that there is an important cultural aspect: the consumer moves closer to the agricultural reality of the place, coming into direct contact with the local fauna and flora.  A commitment to safeguard local food, defend wild species biodiversity and convivial places often high in artistic and historical value is undertaken. All these efforts bring us to a more careful tourism and cohabitation that respects the surrounding environment for a better future of the most valuable asset we have: Earth.

Starting at 9 am and all day long until the midnight (or more), the reknown and wide range of mediterranean delicacies offered by Elements Beach Bar and Restaurant, will provide all you need to enjoy a fantastic and complete beach day or, likewise, guarantee an elegant dinner during sunset accompanied by a menu elaborated with selected fresh and organic local product. The restaurant lives amidst other spaces: the Boutique dedicated to exclusive, trendy clothes and accesories chosen and brought from all over the world, a Cocktail Lounge Bar for time-out, a yummy outdoor Natural Juice Bar, and a Massage room with varied offers to enjoy in a neat and tidy, simple way charged with positive energy. “This place is overflowing with “good vibes” and no expectations. A “must” on the island of Ibiza” (Tourist’s comment)